Why You Should Buy a Custom Garage Door

Stand out from the rest of the folks on your block with a custom garage door. A custom garage door provides a unique look to your home while keeping your home secure. It’s a necessary upgrade to consider if your garage door is starting to show signs of wear and tear.



Let your imagination run wild! With a custom garage door, you can style your door to match your home’s appearance. You’ll also impress the neighbors as a custom garage door enhances your curb appeal. The possibilities are endless. Below are some design elements to choose from:

  • Whether to add windows
  • What style should complement your home: contemporary, wood-like, carriage house, Mediterranean revival, mid-century, Spanish, and more!
  • Color
  • Material: aluminum, fiberglass, vinyl, etc.
  • Accessories, such as handles

Customize it however you like! In the end, you’ll have a finished product that stands out from the rest and matches your unique taste.

Security & Safety

Don’t let your garage door be your home’s weakest link. This giant door is potentially the easiest way in for burglars or an invasion of pests. To keep unwanted guests at bay, your door needs to be sturdy and up to date. Standard garage doors are pre-fitted, meaning every part has standard parts that are premade to fit. This leads to gaps between the structure of the house and the garage door. With a custom door, everything is tailored for your home, leaving you with a more secure installation. Keeping your home safe is always a top priority.


Standard garage doors leave more room for error since they’re a “one size fits all”. In addition, they need more regular maintenance since the materials aren’t as strong as a custom door. Since a custom garage door is made to fit your door specifically, you reduce the need for routine maintenance. This is because custom doors won’t leave gaps between the edges and are made of stronger, durable materials.

 A custom garage door often lasts twice as long as a standard door. The added longevity and durability blow standard garage doors out of the water, all while having a smoother operation. Don’t sink money into a boring, old, standard door. Upgrade to a custom garage door with all the bells and whistles.


A custom garage door will boost your home’s curb appeal and stand out from the rest of your neighbors. Do you know what else a custom garage door is great for? Your return on investment. Yes, this kind of garage door is costlier than settling for a standard door, but you lose that “wow” factor. With a custom garage door, you’ll recoup most of your cost and give yourself a huge advantage if you decide to sell your home. With a custom door, future buyers will be rushing to buy your house – the best one on the block!

Customize Your Garage Door Today

At the end of the day, it’s all about the details. A custom garage door is handpicked to your liking, sized to fit your home perfectly, and adds security while reducing maintenance. Let Precision Door help customize and install the best garage door for your home.