What to Know Before Buying a New Garage Door


Whether it’s because there is wear and tear or your home’s style has changed, it may be time to retire your current garage door and upgrade to a new one! There are several key features to be knowledgeable about before purchasing a new garage door. From picking the right company to choosing specs, here are some things to keep in mind while you shop.

Picking the Right Company

Select a garage door company that has a good reputation and has high-rated reviews across multiple online platforms, such as Google, Facebook, and HomeAdvisor. This is a good sign that they will take the time needed to hear their customers, answer their questions, and complete the job efficiently, instead of just hitting a daily quota. The Precision Door team specifically blocks off more time than anticipated for our customers to ensure complete satisfaction. 

While picking out the cheapest garage door installation company may be easier on your wallet, it may have unforeseen consequences. A garage door is a large access point into your home. If it’s not working correctly or is easily damaged, you’re leaving your home vulnerable to pests, intruders, and weather. Read more on other red flags to be aware of for when you are searching for a garage door company. 

Quality Door vs. Budget Door

A garage door is a centerpiece in your home’s curb appeal. While picking out a drab door that’s out of style, won’t hurt your home’s resale chances, it won’t help it either. Security should also be top-of-mind when picking out a garage door. Not only is a garage door a very large entrance into your home, but when closed, it’s also the shield protecting your vehicles!

A common mistake we see homeowners make when shopping for a new garage is focusing on just one spec, like insulation R-value. While R-value is an important factor in the thermal efficiency of a garage door, it’s not the only thing to consider! In fact, many garage door companies will sell their customers on a cheap door with good insulation but leave out other important details.

One specification that we highly recommend checking is the gauge of steel used in your garage door. Doors that have high steel gauge ratings are cheap, but lack strength and longevity. Remember, the higher the number in the gauge of steel rating, the thinner the steel. The ideal magic number to shop for when it comes to your garage door’s steel thickness is 24. R-value is a little more difficult to pinpoint depending on the energy deficits of your garage, but typically, the more insulation, the better.

Styles & Materials

After doing your homework, now it’s time for the fun part of garage door shopping -  picking the right material, style, and color! Ninety-nine percent of garage doors you see in your neighborhood are made of steel because it’s the most cost effective. Of course there are other stylish options to choose from, such as wood, fiberglass, vinyl, and more, but they don’t compare as well when it comes to strength or durability. 

After picking the best material for your home, you have to choose what style will best compliment your home and boost curb appeal. The most common styles are carriage house, contemporary, or traditional. Remember, your garage door is the centerpiece of your home that will last 15-20 years. Choose a style and color that will withstand a couple decades of wear and tear and evolving fashion trends.


Just like how you shouldn’t focus on one spec for a garage door, as a consumer, you shouldn’t focus on just one warranty. When shopping for a garage door, the three kinds of warranties to shop for are hardware, labor, and the actual door. Each of these warranties should have a minimum of three years. 

Keep in mind that it won’t be useful to have a 25-year warranty on your garage door, but only a 6 month warranty on the hardware. After all, unless you’re regularly backing into your garage door or facing severe weather, the part that is most likely to break on your garage door is the hardware. Selecting the best possible warranties for your garage door will protect your investment long term and give you peace of mind.

Find Your New Door

After you’ve picked out the right material/style for your garage door with the best warranties, complete the project with a garage door company you can trust while getting the biggest bang for your buck! Call the professionals you can trust, contact Precision Door today to install your new garage door.