Spring Cleaning & Garage Door Maintenance


Ready to spring into spring cleaning? Grab a couple of rags and some cleaning supplies, it’s that time of the year again. After you’ve dusted every corner, don’t forget to move on to your garage. Specifically, your garage door! Routine maintenance wards off dirt and dust, boosts your curb appeal, and prolongs the door’s life.


Lubricate, lubricate, lubricate. It doesn’t hurt to lubricate the different mechanisms, like the hinges or other high contact points (though avoid lubricating the tracks as it can damage them). In fact, it should be routinely done twice a year. The best kind of lubricants are silicone-based, but avoid white lithium grease, which can leave a mess. This will help your garage door move smoothly and seamlessly like a well-oiled machine.

Before you go lubricating your entire door, keep in mind that we don’t recommend lubricating rollers. Lubricating the rollers may attract dust and dirt into the bearing. This step also isn’t necessary for Precision Door customers because we use a fully sealed bearing roller that is 100% maintenance free.

Proper Seals

The great thing about spring is the multitude of extended sunny days. On one of those days, go out to your garage when the door is closed and check to see if any sunlight is coming through. This means the rubber seal, or weather-stripping, that goes around the door aren’t doing their job, and can lead to critters coming through. Or, if you have a heated/insulated garage, air is seeping through these holes. If this is the case, we recommend contacting your local garage door professionals at Precision Door.

Routine Checks

Remotes, light bulbs, and safety eyes are all imperative to the efficiency and reliability of your garage door, so don’t forget to check them as well. The safety eyes, located towards the bottom of the door, are likely to collect cobwebs. The overhead light bulb won’t last a lifetime, so it is good to check once or twice a year. Your remotes and keypads that grant you access and control to your garage door are only as reliable as the batteries that are in them. Make sure you replace them as needed.

Safety First

Garage doors, if poorly maintained, can lead to accidents. One way to test to make sure your door is working properly is by placing a board flat under the door. As the door goes down and contacts the board, it should automatically start to reverse, recognizing something is in the way. 

Another important safety item to check is whether the door is balanced correctly. Garage doors are designed to be balanced, so if it’s heavy after being disconnected from the opener then something’s wrong.

Boost Curb Appeal

Your garage door is one the main factors in your home’s curb appeal, so don’t let dirt and grime take that away. Make sure to use a non-abrasive cleaner, otherwise you could damage the finish. Once you’ve got your bucket of soapy water, use a quality sponge or car wash mitt, and start scrubbing. Don’t be afraid to use a little elbow grease to tackle stubborn grime. Give it a good rinse and then you can move onto cleaning your car too!

Get A Professional Inspection

If you notice anything wrong with your garage door, or if it’s making unusual noise, call the professionals at Precision Door to check it out! 

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